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Circular Saw Blades

Circular Saw Blades Simonds Circular Saw Blades range from 8" to 108" and include; Systimatic Professional Grade saws, Systimatic sawmill Gang, Edger and Trim Saws, Solid and Insert Tooth cut-off saws for cutting logs to length and Insert Tooth headrig sawmill saws for cutting boards from logs. The Systimatic Professional Grade saws range from 8" diameter to 20" diameter in includes; General Purpose, Precision Woodworking, Dado Saws, Non-Ferrous metal cutting saws and Solid Surface & Melamine Saws for the



Filing Room Equipment

 Filing Room Equipment The filing room machinery developed by Simonds is targeted at finding new ways handle old chores. This "Red" machinery line has, in it's short (under 20 year) history, brought to market a remarkable number of successful industry firsts:

  • The first automatic bandsaws leveler, still the gold standard with over 500 in service.
  • The first automatic bandsaws tensioner.
  • The first machine to combine automatic leveling and tensioning in bands.
  • The first automatic leveler for circular saws.
  • The only circular leveler capable of leveling strobe saws.
  • The only circular leveler that works radially to target runout directly.
  • The first automatic tooth straightener for bandsaws.

Our machines are built to withstand the rigors of a filing room day in and day out, to provide many years of service. Many of the first band levelers we ever put to work are still running every day, some with in excess of 20,000 hours and still performing flawlessly. We also back these machines up with skilled technicians and a solid parts inventory we can ship overnight when problems do occur.

Simonds is committed to continuing this path of innovation. We hope that you find this site interesting and that you'll make this journey with us.



 Files The most respected symbols of quality and reliability...

The Simonds Red-Tang file is one of the most respected symbols of quality and reliability in the marketplace today. Simonds offers a full range of products to meet your filing needs.

Simonds' American Pattern files are divided into two categories - Machinists' or Engineer's Files, which are generally double cut for rapid stock removal, and Saw Files, which are generally single cut for smoother finishes.

There are three cut grades to choose from - Bastard, or coarse, Second Cut, or medium, and Smooth, or fine grade. Additionally, we offer two finishes - the standard "gray" file and Simonds' premium Black Maxi-Sharp® files. The exclusive Black Maxi Sharp® finish extends file life due to increase resistance to loading and rust.

Simonds also produces a full range of Swiss and Needle files for precision work. The range also includes Rifflers for specialized applications. Finally, we also offer Vixen files for rapid stock removal and Body files for auto body work.

Additionally, we offer a full range of Accessories, including handles, file cards and brushes, file sets and scrapers.


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